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Easy DIY #cosTUDES ♥︎

Easy DIY #cosTUDES ♥︎

It is FINALLY the best time of the year! 

I am so excited. The tail end of the year is always my absolute favorite. The colors, the smells, the magic. It’s the season for creatives. Costumes, decor, and lots of baking are music to any creative’s ears and basically we’re busting at the seams with all the project ideas. 

I loved making my own costumes for Halloween growing up. Selfishly, I loved having a one of a kind costume, especially if it was a popular costume that year. Plus, it gave me a chance to put my own twist on something and I loved seeing what I could drum up. Now that I’m a Mom, I’ve really come into my prime because I get to make all my kids’ costumes! I have found it’s a great way to get them involved and tap into their creative side too! They love helping pick out things to add to their costumes and I have them help me put it together.

Today on the blog, I’m going to show you a simple DIY costume using some toys we had around the house and of course, our friends here at Leotudes. Duh.

My daughter has really been into My Little Pony lately, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to capitalize on the perfect simpleness Leotudes adds to a costume and whip up a little Twilight Sparkle action. I can’t tell you how many times we need a costume for school spirit weeks, dance, Halloween, other events. There’s always something to dress up for these days it seems, so being able to come up with something quickly that looks cute and functions well is top priority for me. 

My favorite part about including Leotudes in our costumes is that they’re so comfortable! Which affects you more than you realize. Costume not comfortable? YOU are going to be the one to hear about it the entire time it’s on. I also like that you can add an extra personal touch by adding your own customized text. Things like character quotes, song lyrics, names or anything that is telling of the costume you are portraying.

I snagged the wings and tail off of amazon, and the Mask is an old McDonald’s Happy Meal toy, and we added some ballet tights and unicorn socks that match Twilight’s colors. They have nothing to do with My Little Pony, but the fringe adds a cute pop of pink so we’re rolling with it folks. That’s the beauty of making your own costume!

Last, no pony is complete without a mane, so a few upside down topsy-tails (did I just show my age?) and some wild curls later, you have the perfect pony mane.

Voila! I give you DIY Twilight Sparkle! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, y’all! Making your own costume doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming! It should be light, fun, and give you the chance to really let your light shine!

We have 4 days of dance we have to dress up for, plus school, extra events, AND Halloween, so I’m off to throw all the costumes together!

Need more inspo? No worries. By now, you should know I’ve got you! We threw a few extra looks together and of course, our VIP’ers always come through with the cutest looks! How cute are these DIY Costumes?

I hope I’ve gotten some creative wheels turning! I cannot wait to see what you guys drum up! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to join VIP! Major inspo in there, and of course, sneaky peeks of new colors, prints, and all the cool Leotude things. 

I hope everyone has had a great start to their school years, and I hope the transition to a new routine has been smooth on you all because it has kicked our hineys in our house. I’m already ready for Holiday Breaks. #mamastired

Next month, we are talking a little less Leotudes and more Life-tudes. I have a few topics I’m noodling on, but I’d love to know what our readers would like to read about? There’s a lot of things that roll around in this noggin, so if you want to hear about it, I bet I could write about it! Just let me know!


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