Hey there, Leotuder! If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon Leotude’s very own blog! I know, right?! Pretty cool, huh?! But, I’m going to need you to simmer down for just a second because also


    Okay, okay, now you can get excited!

    *the crowd goes wild*

    I’m super excited to not only be bringing you the very first Leotude’s blog post, but we are also celebrating Leotudes turning 4!  It’s an exciting day around Leotudes HQ (I think they even have a little something up their sleeve!) and I thought for our first post, that there was nothing more fitting than getting to know the brand and the woman who brought it to life!

    If you’re new around here, the brains of this operation is Hannah. She’s a Wife and Mom of 4 based out of Nebraska just outside of Offutt AFB. In a season where the need to keep food on her table and the desire to homeschool her children plagued her thoughts, Hannah spent many late nights teaching herself how to sew, months finalizing her patterns, and like any girl boss, survived a breakdown or two along the way. You know, the one where we break down but we come back ready to kick butt and take names?! Yep, that one! And took names she did. Hannah took names, sayings, basically anything your personalized loving heart could dream up and put them on every little girl’s favorite fashion piece, the leotard.  Finally, her dream then became a reality and Leotudes was born.

    Hannah’s story is one of my favorites because it is such a real and genuine story of small business ownership. A Mom needing her small business in order to survive and to provide for her family because failure isn’t an option. It’s an incredible story about the strength of a Mother, the lengths she will go to and obstacles she will overcome to provide a great life for her children. 

    When I asked Hannah how she felt about it being Leotudes’ 4th Birthday she was in disbelief and utterly grateful for how this brand has changed her life and allowed her to provide the same opportunities to other women. As Leotudes grows, Hannah has been able to hire other Moms and provide them with the opportunity to earn a steady income while also having the flexibility to bring their children into the office if needed.


    As if empowering women wasn’t enough, as Leotudes continues to grow Hannah has a few more goals she’d like to check off her brand’s list. One day she would like to start gifting dance, ballet, and gymnastics classes to children who can’t afford them, and I personally, can’t wait to see that one come to fruition because I know it will.

    Hannah is innovative, kind, supportive, and tenacious. She’s humble, selfless, and empathetic. She is #bossgoals and I am so proud to know her and help her share this brand with the world! 

    If you don’t know what Leotudes is then you are missing out! Come be friends with us in —> Leotudes VIP <— Leotudes is basically one big girl gang, but like, the kind, empowering, uplifting kind of girl gang with fashionable kids and a love for personalization.  Since you got the scoop on Hannah, I figured we should introduce you to the rest of our girl gang behind the scenes of Leotudes too!

    Sandee - MVP of VIP - She helps us keep VIP active with fun interactive posts and she is the Master of all things Leotudes. Have a question, she’s your girl! 

    April - Hannah’s Right Hand Woman - Seriously, she’s right handed … and she basically keeps Hannah’s Leotudes life together. Also, I don’t know if you know this, she’s always got some good codes up her sleeve, so she’s kind of a big deal. You’ll want to make sure you keep your eyes open for her posts.

    Michelle - Ombre Creator Extraordinaire - You know all those gorgeous ombres you have to choose from, and those times you sneak in those extra few letters outside of the recommended amount? This is your girl, she makes that Leotude magic happen.

    Nikita, Chelsea, Daisy, Mara and Hannah - Magic Hands - These ladies are the magic hands that work tirelessly to bring your creations to life! They really don’t get enough credit! These ladies are rockstars!

    Totally Tulle-bular - She makes our ROYGBIV hearts sing! She’s the keeper of the best Leotudes accessory!

    Jennifer - Resident Blogger - That’s me. I’m bringing you fun content, right here, every month. I’m hoping that Hannah will let me release something new and fun right here on the blog, so you won’t want to miss my posts either!

    And of course, last but certainly not least our —

    Rep-stars! - These are our brand reps. These ladies keep us going when the going gets tough; like when covid delays your whole business. (insert eye roll.) But, they love us through it all and we are so thankful to have them on our side.

    So, come hang out with us in VIP, we’re totes fun, and I promise not to use words like totes ever again. We’ll keep you up to date with all the Leotudes must-knows like; sales, tutorials, new drops, and of course, all the Leotude inspo that will have you adding to cart like it’s your job! Oh, and just between us, I heard that Leotudes has been testing some new products and styles, and if they pass testing we could see them later in the year! 

    Don’t forget!! If you see our favorite #girlboss around the VIP, make sure to wish her a Happy Leotude Day!

    Until next time, happy “add to cart”ing!



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