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Snack-cuterie Board for kids ♥︎

Snack-cuterie Board for kids ♥︎

Spring has officially sprung and down here in the South that means the kick off of BBQ Season. I’m not talking about the sauce, I’m talking about the dinners on the patio, covid-size approved gatherings of friends and family, kids playing in the yard/pool/sprinklers. In the south we live outside and in swimsuits during these hot months, it is literally the only way to survive here. #sofreakinghot 

So, with being outside all the time that means we are usually eating through an activity. Easy finger foods are key. During outside fun getting my kids to stop and eat an actual meal turns into meltdown city, so I keep their bellies full by keeping the snacks full. I like to mix a few treats among healthy stuff. I’m a little more lenient in this department than I want to be, but Mama is a treat fan, so I either have to practice what I preach or let them indulge a little too, and today I’m just not into my preaching, so indulging it is. #balance  Basically, this is a charcuterie board for kids. You can put anything on it you want and as much or as little as you want.  

What you’ll need:

Tray/Board (A large plate would even work!)
Various sized bowls/tupperware

And because grocery stores are the real MVP’s with the festive treats they put out for all the holidays, you can make some really fun trays/boards for your kids and they actually get excited about eating!  Today, in honor of one of my favorite holidays we are going to make a patriotic snack board!  This one was really fun to shop for because I was on the hunt for red, white, or blue snacks. As always, Target has my back and I even got to add a few patriotic snacks in.

Snack Board Ideas:

Graham Crackers
Saltines/Ritz/Club/Any Cracker
Snap Pea Chips
Deli Meat
Treats of any kind
Candy — if you’re feeling brave
Popcorn — Variety
Finger Sandwiches

The possibilities are endless! For our board I used a lot of our favorite staples and then some fun festive treats because ‘merica.

We used — Snap Pea Crisps (Tomato Basil), Goldfish (Pizza), Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Yogurt covered Raisins, Puppy Chow (Powdered Sugar Covered Chex Mix — I had no idea it was called that until recently!) and various cookies, cake bites, and festive popcorn all courtesy of Target Bakery.

This next part is up to you! Stack it, arrange it, shape it any way you’d like. I find this is a great point to get the kids involved. As a control freak I started out asking them where they thought I should put items, but now I just let them build it themselves because why not? #coolmom

Once you’ve got everything situated grazing time begins! Enjoy being outside with endless kid-approved snacks!

Oh, and Moms — Pro Tip: this pairs well with any adult beverage spiked or not. Get your lounging pants ready, you just may have earned a solid 5 minutes to yourself. You’re welcome.

Oh! Also, I have two things that are tude-ally (Get it?! Hah! Don’t fire me.) important! Ready? First, your patriotic orders need to be ordered no later than May 1st to ensure delivery in time (providing no other covid delays) for July 4th. Also, RWB Ombre Colorblock Swim is on sale all April long! Click Here and you, my friend, just saved yourself $20! Boom! You’re welcome.

Happy Snack Board making Leotuders! 


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