Olive Edge Romper

Olive Edge Romper

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Choose your sleeve length.
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Handmade edgy empire waist romper! The perfect tagless one piece to keep your little one covered, cute, and moving fast because there are no zips or buttons. The bodice is lined and there are no tags to itch and scratch at. The perfect fall olive blend is great for any fall day since the one piece keeps their putting on and taking off simple and quick, while keeping them in their fashion season.

Choose from 3 different sleeve lengths to fully customize the look and style you need.

These run true to size, but it is recommended for tall girls to size up to not lose any leg length. 

Every item is made to order, so you can expect this to ship in 2-4 weeks after purchase date. This is an instock fabric so it usually ships faster.

Wash instructions are included with your orders so you can keep the card in your laundry room, but you will need to wash on cool or warm and lay flat or air dry. This keeps your rompers from shrinking and keeping the quality high for the entire garment's wear time. 

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