High quality

    Fully lined tutu dresses with the softest tutu ever attached. Washable, re-wearable, for years.


    Our tutu dresses are designed, printed, cut, sewn, and shipped all in house.


    Our tutu dresses can be personalized or customized using and of our solid colors, leopards, or specially designed ombres.

    Learn more about Leotudes tutu dresses

    When it comes to tutus, we’ve got you covered. Whether your little one has a favorite color, character, park friend, or need help finding the perfect match, Leotudes is your No.1 destination for everything tutu dress.

    If you’re looking for the best tutu dress (and we know you are), the best place to start is with our bodice styles. Read our multitude of reviews from fellow tutu dress fanatics and find our high quality, well rated products for your little ones closet. If you’re still having a hard time finding the perfect tutu combination, check out our tutu community for loads of in real life pictures, tutu building inspiration, and more.

    Build your own tutu to fit your girls closet theme. Make sure to start with our bodice choices, add sleeves if applicable and necessary, pick your print or personalize it to make it even more special. Then, pick your favorite coordinating tutu color and you're good to go!

    Don't worry about the quality of our tutu dresses. These are perfect for your favorite park day trip, a day at the playground, or just because she's in her tutu era. These tutus can be worn around the house for comfort as well as style. Our polyester fabric washes up nicely. Add your tutu dress to your washing machine, add your favorite spot cleaner or just regular detergent, and lay it flat or hang to dry. Our tutu dresses are known to last years and be saved for keepsakes and passing down to little sister.

    Kiddos with sensory issues especially love our tutu dresses. We fully line each leotard so she can't feel the itchy seams inside, and the tutu seam is hidden, so it won't exasperate her sensory issues. We don't use cloth sewn in tags in our tutu dresses, either, so there is no scratchy tag.

    Our tutus are also the softest on the planet. The tutu dresses are fluffy and full, not itchy or scratchy, so it won't bother her or you if she is still tiny enough to need to be held.

    Whether you want a natural or dramatic look can depend heavily on your tutu choice. For a natural look, stick to our dusty, blush, or neutral colors. For a spring look choose our pastels like lavender or ballerina.

    Don't forget about our best selling fully customizable girls twirl dresses known for maximum twirl and comfort, as well.

    You can always change your mind after you order, but there is a small window for that opportunity of change. We design our fabric and print and sew all in house. We have about 72 hours to be able to change an order after it is placed.

    If you’re looking for customizable swim, longer tutu dresses, or a tutu dress made for your next day at the best place on earth, look no further. We have tutus covered.

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